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Unpaid work experience and internship in the media- Postmodernist slavery?

In Opinion on January 15, 2012 at 3:25 pm

The TUC’s campaigning animation against unpaid ‘Dogsbody’ internships

There is growing discontent about the injustice of ‘work experience.’ It is being recognised that working for nothing, particularly if you have spent tens of thousands of pounds already on legitimate and accredited education and training schemes is unjust, unfair, exploitative and an attack on personal and social dignity.

Slowly and inexorably some sections of the media and political elite are beginning to recognise that the abuse of interns is immoral and a political time-bomb. Catherine Bennett in today’s Observer has written a studied analysis under the title:  ‘Sure, you can ‘work’. Just don’t expect a job at the end of it: From Smythson to Poundland, the exploitation of the young desperate for internships continues unabated.’

Working for nothing is immoral. And unpaid internships and work experience is exactly that. It is a misnomer to suggest that it is a ‘voluntary’ arrangement.  Mainly young people agree to do it because they have no choice. Some do it because they can afford to do so. Most borrow more and surrender additional swathes of self-respect because they hope there may be a job at the end of it or the citation on their CV that might help them secure an interview for the job that they want, or now increasingly need. Read the rest of this entry »