Tim Crook


I have been a journalist since the age of 16 and a committed campaigner for freedom of expression.  I make no secret of the fact that I am a libertarian and ideologically opposed to most forms of censorship. This means that I am more tolerant of freedom without responsibility in human communication than others. However, I fully respect the views of those who believe there should be legal as well as ethical restraints on speech and media expression that is calculated to or has the effect of harming anybody.

I have published frequently on the subject of media law and ethics and been training and teaching it with professionals and students throughout my career. In particular I am a researcher of comparative media law hence my book ‘Comparative Media Law & Ethics’ published  by Routledge in 2009 and my knowledge of British media law is to be imparted with ‘The UK Media Law Pocketbook’ also by Routledge and published in 2013.

I have sat and passed 18 unseen examinations at the University of London in law at undergraduate and postgraduate level with specialist focus in comparative foreign law and Common Law.

Influences include truly great legally trained charismatic ethicists of the 20th century such as Mahatma Ghandi, who qualified as a barrister in London and practiced in South Africa, and Nelson Mandela, who like me, qualified in LLB (Hons) on the external University of London programme.  So this is truly a ‘Nelson Mandela’ degree.  However, unlike Mr. Mandela who carried out his studies while politically imprisoned in Robben Island, I pursued by arduous reading and learning during High Tea at Fortnum & Masons, or sipping a Sling Gin in the Dog and Duck in Surbiton.


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